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The next all-in-one bot taking over Discord;)

Wanting to make a project where I could re-build my first Discord bot. With that, I got the idea of making a Discord bot, this time, helping me learn a little more to make it cover, as much as I could, the Discord API, this letting you, the user, have a lot of interactions and make your Discord Server look unique.

And that's the resume, of how Lunary, your favorite neko-maid Discord Bot, was born as a Multi language and Multipurpose Discord Bot.

  • Giveaways
  • Starboard
  • Slash Commands
  • Suggestions System
  • Interaction
  • N e k o s
  • General Moderation
  • General Utility

Why you should use Lunary.

As we've said before, Lunary has a ton of commands for you to try, aswell as her configurable responses in 3 languages!
But, if you need a better resume, here we have why you should definetly use Lunary in your server.

New-User Friendly

Lunary is designed at the point where anyone could use her commands, even those who don't know much about bots.

Constant updates

The bot is almost bug-free.
Even if there's any kind of bug, it will get fixed as soon as it's discovered.

Highly configurable

+6 in-server configurable features and more coming soon.


If you know either English, Spanish or Portuguese (br), congrats, you're able to use Lunary, if no, don't worry, we plan on adding more to the list;)


If you want to donate and feel in the capable position of life, here you can and I would pretty much simp you for helping the project.



Here you can have a list of Partners who are officially associated with Lunary. Make sure to check them out ;)


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Hi, Himmel here, I hope you're having a great day/night and I want to use this little space to say thanks, thanks to Avixity for helping me so much over the time of the project.

Say thanks to all the users who have Lunary in their servers, and those who had Lunary but kicked her, thanks for giving the project an oportunity, whatever the reason you had to kick the bot out, I hope this project one day gets to the point where you think "It is worth inviting Lunary to my server", again.

Hoping you liked the page, I invite you to give my bot a vote in top.gg and if you're feeling kind enough, or you really liked the project, a review.


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